Children’s Books on Virtues

My first series of books follows each child in a family as they learn the value of virtuous choices. My intent is to make virtues (Obedience, Repentance, Prayer, etc.) more approachable to children and their parents alike. I want to dispel the reluctance to use these powerful words and enable important lessons to be taught through their use.

My first book is a children’s picture book that centers around a 5 year old who has been told to clean his room. Naturally he doesn’t want to, so he goes around to most of his family members trying to understand why he needs to obey this frustrating command. How does he learn to trust that his parents want the best for him? Hmm….

The next two stories in the series center on the little sister trying to understand prayer, and one of the older brothers discovering repentance.

I hope you enjoy these characters as much as I do, and that they make you smile and laugh as much as my children do!

Stay tuned for more…