Poem on Despair

Hi there,

I wanted to post some of my poetry and other creative writing on here as well. So this is from a journal entry in December 2014, it was a difficult time for us. 

This was actually written as a song in the middle of the night and I recorded myself singing it that night. I sent it to a musician friend of mine so we’ll see if anything comes of it someday.


We are not doing well. The little ones are waking up every night with bad dreams, they’re picking up on our stress.  My Dear Love is terrified again that he won’t be able to provide for us, he’s been unemployed for 2 months now. I’m panicking about my older son, he is acting out at school a lot again. 

These thoughts and fears seem to have something of a song here, in a minor or diminished key. Something gothic, or gospel, or bluesy…

The demons they dance through our dreams,
Beckoning with their sad melody
Deadly and beautiful, they lure us away
Into dark, into misery

They tempt us with shiny new things
Feed us with lies of what we must need
Stir up our hearts to despair, discontent
Till we lack in what’s truly meant

We follow them blindly to death
Sacrificing the truths we had kept
Darkness is easy, romantic, and cheap
So we think till we’re no longer free

And when we learned what we’ve finally lost
That’s when our true colors show
Will you wake at last from the night where you’re caught?
Or fall to the demons below?