I am a mother, wife, teacher, housekeeper, and now an author. I care deeply about family and Christian values, and unfortunately I tend to let my opinions out. So I’ve created this site a space to voice my thoughts and hope that I find more friends than otherwise!

My family is a bit crazy, after failing at marriage the first time, my husband and I devote ourselves to learning how to create a strong, loving relationship. We also strive to deepen our relationship with all 9 of our kids, regardless of which one of us was a part of their birth. We have learned thus far that to be better parent, we need to be better disciples. We keep the example and teachings of Christ before us as we navigate the storms of a blended family.

As a family who loves to read, my books are an answer we needed to how to teach our children about the power and beauty of Christian values. I hope they can help your family as well.