Back to School With a Bang!


Can you imagine the tension before a horse race with me? The horses lined up snorting, trapped by the confines of the starting gate. Some of them, the more experienced ones, are bracing for the sound they know (and probably hate) so well. Then-


And they’re off! Road Rage has jumped ahead, but here comes Overwhelmed right behind him, wait, Overwhelmed has passed Road Rage as Sobbing For No Reason leaps ahead of them both. Here’s comes Busy, Busy on the inside and slips past Road Rage into a solid third. At the back of the pack is the favorite, Calm and Collected.

Sound familiar? This craziness is how the first 3 days of school went this year. The kids started a new full day enrichment program which has me driving 4 times across the Denver Metro Area at rush hour. Needless to say I almost died 3 times, and encountered my own road rage for the first time in at least 5 years. Fortunately, they only go once a week. Then we started homeschool, had a birthday, entertained family, organized and executed a church youth program meeting, and more I just can’t remember. I’m pooped and it’s only Thursday.

The horses have hit the ground at full gallop, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down until at least October. When the days are like this, I lean on my scripture study even more. Though I am tempted to put it aside for “just tonight,” I know that will only make me feel worse. So I say a prayer and open up the Good Book. I am subsequently refreshed by communicating with my Maker.

Does this sound like your life too? How do you cope?
Thanks for reading and following along with my journey!



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