Letting Go of the Reins

Hi there!

So I’m learning a lot about how to publish a book in a very short amount of time. The whole topic is worth it’s own professional certificate, there is SO much to learn!

One thing I’m learning is to trust the experts; the agents, the publishers, the editors. I haven’t started working with them yet, but I’m seeing the impact Not listening to them has. One of the hardest things to do is to let someone else tear apart your hard work. To hear them criticize it and tell you to change it, can be a painful process. 

I hope I can be ready to let go of the reins when I find my team. I hope I can listen to their advice, and respect it as the voice of experience that it is. I hope I don’t take it too personal when they tear apart my little creations. I hope I have learned enough to trust them.

I have dear friends and acquaintances who’s books never got off the ground (even really good ones) because they didn’t have the knowledge to learn how the industry works. They didn’t understand that asking for changes is a good thing, it means you passed the first hurdle. They didn’t realize that they are the rookie, and the editors, agents, publishers, etc. are the experts. A wise Second Leutenient won’t tell an Sergeant what to do, even though he has the higher rank. He will listen and learn as much as he can, regardless of whether or not he agrees with the Sergeant.

I always thought that writing the book was the hard part. But I’m learning that’s just the first mountain. Behind that is the whole range!

Good Luck and God Bless Friends,

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