Role of Law in Protecting Religious Freedom


Religious freedom is fundamental to our identity as Americans, and even more important to our ability to become the best and highest self we can be. My parents and siblings each enjoy the freedom to believe completely differently from each other and from me. They enjoy the freedom to think I’m a crazy Christian lady, and I have the freedom to follow Christ. I am so deeply grateful to live in this country and believe what I will, teach my children how I will, and disagree with my family as I will. 😉 And still love them dearly, of course!

Please enjoy this article that reignited my gratitude:


I’m an Old Fashioned Kind of Gal

There are so many days where I wish we could go back in time 20, or 30 years, or even 130 years. Back to when life was simpler, and people weren’t afraid to speak about morality, and values, and following Christ. Back before Politically Correct slowly eroded away Truth.

Back when everyone knew what was right and how to live your life to maximize personal happiness.

Instead we look back on the dysfunctional families and say it was the backwards thinking that created the problems. We try to slap a one-size fits all approach to the failures in individual homes, and as a result we create new failures now.

I Have Difficult Children


So I’m the mother of a blended family. Yup, I failed my first marriage, utterly, pretty ugly. Anyway, I had one son from my first husband, a very bright, energetic boy (some of you already know where this is going), who used every tool in his arsenal to test my newly-developed mothering skills. As payback for us getting divorced at 2, he learned to hold his stools, creating a years long dance with toilet training and constipation. Yay! …

Once we got through that (just have patience with yourself, it WILL end eventually… right? 😉 ), my amazing boy, who we’re going to nickname AAGH!, had to enter kindergarten. — Actually, we weren’t all the way through the potty training when kindergarten started, imagine calls from the principal that he needed to go home early because he smelled… Such fun! — Anyway, my dear Aagh retained his bright, energetic nature and landed himself in so many suspensions that I honestly thought he was going to be expelled… from KINDERGARTEN!

We’re going to let that one sit for a minute. Wow.

This, by the way, is when I seriously started considering homeschooling.

Yeah… so anyway, and anyway, and anyway (as my dear Aagh used to say at the long-gone adorable age of 3), we have somehow all managed to survive elementary school with the lovely new diagnoses of ODD, ADHD, and Major Depressive Disorder, all my son’s. And surprisingly, other than more wrinkles than I should have at my age, I can honestly say I’m a better mom and person in general than when we started this journey.

Granted I still lose my cool more often than I’d like. But in general I’m a better person. I have to say I couldn’t have survived without my Savior. I leaned on Him when exhausted, cried to Him when in deepest despair, and prayed constantly when lost for ideas. Nothing He has asked me to do has been easy , but it has all brought me more peace, joy, love, and a greater understanding and liking of myself.

Up next… Middle School!! AAAHHHH!

Introductions Are In Order

20170529_200016Hi there!

<stepping up to mic nervously, picture AA meeting>

I’m Sarah, I LOVE living in/near the mountains, and I wrote a children’s book.

OK. So now that that’s out… About 2 years ago I was awake at 3 AM nursing my fourth baby, when I was struck by an idea. It stuck and kept me awake long enough, I finally had to write it down. It was about a boy who, seriously, did NOT want to clean his room. The idea became a story and the story is becoming a book. And I soon as I have my hot little hands on it, I will be beside myself trying to share it with the world. In fact, I’m already bursting at the seams trying not to spoil it!

Anyway, this first book is the catalyst that has started a whole world in my head. Actually, some days it’s more than a bit overwhelming. So bear with me please, as my world gets turned out onto paper so it can be shared.


<and scared!>